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Mar 20, 2011 7:30am PDT
the beginning. >>> the u.s. opened fire on libya. what prompted president obama's decision and how moammar gadhafi is reacting. >> and an ammonia leak prompts a shelter in place order in san jose. >>> it is 7:30 a.m. on sunday, march 20th. spring is just about here but i don't think mother nature got the memo. >> no. no. look outside, ok. spring is here, it's sprung. a lot of news to talk about. we'll look at the weather a lot closer, as well. we have john hademan back from tokyo to talk about the earthquake and its effect on the economy >> he was there when the disaster struck. and in the next half hour, in the 8:00 section, we'll talk about what is going on and what's not going on in sacramento. and how it's going to affect you. >> that's as we approach a deadline for making that special election happen in june. a lot coming up. >>> i think the top story locally is the weather. there is some local flooding out there. the rain has been coming down, and it looks like going to keep on coming for a little while. jim bernard has the latest. we're checking in with you. storm watch, how is it l
Mar 27, 2011 7:30am PDT
snafu forces a change of plans for thousands of airline customers. >>> and protesters using make shift weapons in the latest hot spot for anti-government demonstration. >>> it is 7:30 on sun, march 27. thanks for joining us. >>> we've got a lot of news and tuck to cover. we've goes everything from the libya to the show down in sacramento. >>> and the tax break for twitter. first in the news this morning, a nerve-wracking night for some homeowners in san pablo, a land slide on thursday threatened several homes in more rain over the weekend left three homes yellow tagged. last night, the owners of one of those homes decided it was time to go. >> as of right now, it is unstable. they did advise us that the hail is still -- mill is still moving down, they can't guarantee the houses will be here tomorrow. >> the red cross is providing temporary shelter. >>> okay. in the north bay, the intersection of highways 12 and 121 in sonoma county is open again after flooding closed it down for two hours yesterday. all four lanes were covered in about two feet of water. chp set of detours for about fo
Mar 13, 2011 7:30am PDT
morning he wasn't able to save much. >> this is a joke. sickening they want to keep us from our property but don't want to save anything. >> reporter: the magnitude of which is still being assessed. >> it is heart breaking to see this damage occur here, some place you call home and also you know, where you have been employed. it is overwhelming. >> reporter: it really was stunning to see what is left behind there are so many unknowns extent of damage, when the worth will be able to reopen what we are -- when the port will be able to reopen what we are talking environmentally they won't even predict when they will be finished with the assessment phase. >> what was the attitude of the people? >> people were in shock we heard from the guy who owned the pleasure craft rental business he was upset he wasn't allowed to come in and see his boats before the tsunami came but authorities say their main goal was minimize casualties and damage keeping everybody away from the water. there was that aspect as well you saw a lot of lookie loos coming and wanting to check out the harbour. >> speaking of
Mar 6, 2011 7:30am PST
itself. >> opponents of the regime face great risk speaking to us but are getting increasingly desperate. >> do you thing people continue to protest? >> yes. >> gadhafi family says it is all outsiders, al qaeda, people on drugs what do you say to that? >> what do you say? >> they lie. very big lie. >> reporter: the battle is not over doctors in the town say the death toll is about 60, half of that civilian from indy chris nate shelling -- indiscriminate shelling. >>> crisis in libya will be one of the topics this morning on face the nation. that is coming up at 8:30 a.m. after this newscast here on cbs 5. >>> one person is dead the result of a multi vehicle crash in contra costa county, midnight last night and forced closures on northbound vasqua road, it involved five or six cars in addition to one death one other person was seriously injured all lanes reopened 3:00 a.m. >>> another arrest in a police corruption case in contra costa county a sheriff's deputy assigned to danville police department is facing conspiracy charges part of a broader investigation in theft and sale of confiscat
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4